Widespread HttpConnectionTimeout errors

Description of issue: Twitter does not display a card. Attempting to validate gives “ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout”
URL affected (must be public): https://livemap.mpgranch.com
Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]: There is no robots.txt on this domain. There is no blocked traffic in the .htaccess rules. Other card scrapers, such as Facebook, have no issues with this site. Other sites with the same provider (Dreamhost) are affected – both my own and others throughout the internet. The problem is widespread.

I was going to submit my own issue, but I thought it might be better to add on to this one to emphasize this is indeed widespread. This has actually been a problem for me for 4-5 months; typically, I am able to get the Validator to work after submitting an URL 10-12 times (which is not great), but this time, I’ve tried more than 30 times with no luck. I get the “Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout” error not only for the new URL (http://www.blackhorrormovies.com/head-count), but for ANY URL on my site, even ones that I’ve validated before.

Here are some more details from the response:


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