Why would anybody pick MIRV over Triple Threat?

So I just unlocked MIRV, and I was interested to see what all the hubbub was about.

…turns out it’s just a worse version of Triple Threat.
With Triple Threat, you have much more precision over how your stickies are distributed. You can stack them all on one target to extend the length of the slowing effect, or you can blanket precise areas at long range with ease.
When you take MIRV, your Sticky Grenade pretty much drastically drops off in ease-of-use and precision, but gains virtually nothing. The grenades are still the same in power as they are with Triple Threat, but now you can only use them effectively at a very precise range. Too far and they’ll spread out too much; too close and only one grenade will stick on the target (while the other two spring off from the original and harmlessly hit the ground).

Perhaps the only two things it has over Triple Threat are:

  • It comes out a tiny bit quicker (like <1 second) so you can get to your CD that little bit faster.
  • An extremely inconsistent bug that can cause grenades to duplicate so you can end up with >4 stickies on the field at once. it seems to occur most often when the target is stuck at the very moment the grenades split, although I can’t be certain.
I honestly see no real reason to ever take MIRV over Triple Threat.
Perhaps if the grenades were split from the second they left the launcher (accompanied by the respective trajectory lines as well), and:
  • Were at 65-70% power and radius instead of 50%
  • Split into 5 grenades at 40% power
Much larger net damage gains, but it seems worth it considering the loss of precision. As it is now though, it’s trash. A shame considering how useful his other Mutations (with the exception of Shield Scrapper) are.

i was using these the other day and the seem to arch less than the path it shows

I play exclusive in PVE and I like the MIRV upgrade because I can basically carpet bomb an area to take care of minions with the napalm upgrade. The only thing I don’t like about it is how the distance gets shortened, but I can work with it because I’m usually at medium range because of scrap cannon (I take the extra flak upgrade with that). If I were to do PVP, I’d go with triple threat and the slow/life stealing versions, but neither are really needed for PVE.

You can do the exact same thing with Triple Threat and very small wrist movements though.

I’m lazy and combat tends to be rather frantic, so being able to shoot one and forget about it is nice.

MIRV doesn’t force you into an annoying animation, and with the right distance you can actually stick all 3 on larger opponents.
It’s less of a pain to aim especially when you have weighted down.

I’d like to add that MIRV firing all at once frees you up faster than Triple Threat to do something else. It does seem to cause issue with the range reducing it, which would be fine if the aim was compensated to actually show where it is going to land instead of falling short of the area or better yet have the 3 landing spots indicated for even further improved aiming which would re-affirm the advantages of MIRV over Triple Threat. I’d still take Triple Threat personally, but I still think the aiming shouldn’t be screwed up for picking MIRV.

I’d also like for the MIRV to show up in the trajectory for the ability.
When I’m “aiming” my grenade, show the split point and proper trajectory.

You don’t need to add anything because that was already listed up there from the start.

The time difference is utterly insignificant, and if 1s is the only thing between you living and dying then you were horribly out of position in the first place.
Nobody’s given any real reason that they take it beyond “I am lazy and/or bad at aiming”, which is not a justification for it being inferior to Triple Threat in basically every application.

I like the shotgun effect of it.
When I am in someone’s face and aim at an enemy that’s moving around quite a bit, I’m happy when MIRV sticks all of them on the enemy.
On top of that, if I stick someone in the back with it, the grenades will explode all at once, as opposed to one at a time. That way I don’t need to worry about them getting one explosion and trying to dodge the others.
Call it bad aim if you will, I’ve had good luck with them.

The time difference can be the difference between living and dying, applying a slow effect and then breaking out into a sprint can save your life when Triple Threat would get you killed.
Just because you don’t think it’s a reason doesn’t mean it’s not a reason, we get it you like Triple Threat better than MIRV, don’t use MIRV, but there are reasons to use MIRV over Triple Threat whether you want to accept it or not.

An extremely inconsistent bug that can cause grenades to duplicate so you can end up with >4 stickies on the field at once. it seems to occur most often when the target is stuck at the very moment the grenades split, although I can’t be certain.
From my experience this happens when you crit someone with the initial grenade the moment it splits. It was somewhat reproducible on primal thralls since they are so easy to crit. It is the same as if you shoot the ground with it though… they split in an upwards ark equally which makes it nearly impossible to get all nades stuck to one enemy, so the 4+ nades don’t usually do more since like only 2 or 3 hit an enemy with the actual explosion. If only the DOTs would stack… I prefer Triple Threat as well. I find the slow to be extremely useful in PVP, so if you hit the first of the three grenades, you can easily stick the other two there as well and get the maximum damage on the target. If you miss one you have two more chances. You can also try and stick them to more than one enemy and if you’re going for a push with the napalm, you can optimize the napalms area of effect. Also, and this is especially annoying for me, the reduced range of MIRV makes it actually harder to hit people with the nades on medium distances.

But that’s not gonna happen if you’re in their face because the other two grenades uselessly bounce away if you stick the target before the split occurs.

You’d have a point if it launched the three grenades from the start however.

Again, then you are horribly, HORRIBLY out of position and have horribly, HORRIBLY judged the situation if the minuscule time difference in deployment would mean the difference between time and death.

One thing I really like about MIRV is that if you shoot it at the ground, it flowers into a giant triangle pattern.
Combine with Napalm, and you get a really big circle of fire.

PvE mainly as Mobs are stupid and run right at you. It’s much easier to make three well placed pools in front of you than three. Also wdepending on the range you are garunteed a sticky and if you run slow sticky like me its great.