Why don't Atom enable or add Auto-saving function on Windows program?

I come from Vietnam and very sorry for my bad English.
I have used your program but recently I uninstalled it because I want to work continously when I open the program to code or just “note”. It’s… it’s something like the way Notepad++ or Sublime Text does, auto recover what I have written in the editor so I can continue to do it without saving to specific file if I haven’t wanted to “name” a file yet. It’s just… I don’t know how to explain it, maybe what I want to is ATOM can close the file or exit program without saving and keep unfinished data when restarting the program.
Thanks for reading and/or replying.

By default, Atom does remember what you had open the last time. You just have to reopen it with the same project folder.

I have tried and found it WORKS. Thanks so much.

I still wonder why Atom is not choose default project folder right the installation folder so “amateur” user like me do not config a lot…

When you open or create a file, Atom adds the folder it’s in as a project folder automatically. I suppose the developers assumed that one of those things was virtually always going to happen.