Why do we have more jobs than people in today's economy?

Not quite true. We still have unemployment while still low it means we have a mismatch between job seekers and jobs available. In today’s US labor market, our problem is we are stacked up with low wage jobs, the kind that requires not too much skill. We need a training and guidance effort to fulfill higher paying jobs. From tech, finance, medical, and manufacturing, there are high skilled jobs with good pay that can be had. If our government focused on tech and supported it more, there would be more.

There is no such thing as having more jobs than people. This is propaganda.

For every single job that is available you always have lots of contenders for that one position. Though they are qualified for the position on paper they are not qualified due to particularities in the culture of that company. One of the most important things outside of basic requirements is cultural symmetry. So the qualifications are there but due to ideological reserve the owners would rather wait for the “right” candidate.

We don’t.

What bosses mean is why can’t we get people went want at the prices we’re willing to pay?

Go look at webpages for jobs. Bosses want the moon on a stick (and more) yet are rarely willing to pay more than minimum wage.