Who Think It Not Right The BlackMailer Is Keep Ethan and Thresea Apart!

I dont it right!!!They have a chance to be a real couple.An this blackmailer is coming between them its not right!they want to be a real family with little Ethan and Jane .IT show too.They will always love each other.No matter what!! They will always be crazy a about each other .PLEASE LET THEM BE TOGETHER!!! :slight_smile:

They deserve eachother. They are both self-centered, self-righteous, cheating, lying, CREEPS!

I don’t think it is right for the blackmailer to keep Theresa and Ethan apart. He/she should mind their own business.

I don’t want theresa with Ethan. Jared and Theresa all the way. I like the blackmailer for keeping the two away from each other.

No, it’s not right. Let the lames be together. For crying out loud why won’t she tell ethan, the man that she will give her life up for, the TRUTH about their son lil ethan? How can she claim to love and trust this man ethan, and ONLY him…but not be woman enough to tell him the truth!!! Oh yea I forgot, only when it works for her…But what the blackmailer is doing is not right. She really needs to grow up. Lil ethan is growing each and everyday without knowing who his dad is…How selfish is that? But I guess big ethan is good enough to lay down with, but not worthy enough to know the truth. Theresa is such a hypocrite. I not sure but I think the blackmailer knows the paternity of lil ethan…I hope the blackmailer don’t use this info against her stupid azz and try to kidnaap lil ethan or something…The writers are seriously making her appear so weak, dumb and downright stupid…I know theresa can be better than this…Open yo eyes girl!!!

I believe Ethan and Teresa are meant to be together and all but i agree about the fact he is good enough to sleep with but not tell he is Lil Ethans dad is lame.I hope this gets resolved before it goes off where we can not see it as i can not change to direct tv either right now,and for us who have watched for years and years it is so unfair.We are loyal fans too so we will have to depend on you all here to keep us informed.The blackmailer is cruel and heartless that is for sure but Ethan and Teresa always find their way back to each other.

I just don’t get why the blackmailer is making things so personal. And why the blackmailer has to go to such extremes as to force Theresa to have Jared’s baby. I don’t think it’s right either that the blackmailer is trying to keep Theresa and Ethan apart.

i think the blackmailer needs to go away and it a life but i think i know who it might be maybe its pretty >(

i think the blackmailer needs to leave Theresa and Ethan alone! I think they are meant to be together!! I love them together :slight_smile: