Which level should I focus on to improve my score?

I’ve used so many items I’d really hate not to finish top ten. 630k seems to be the best I can make my score, from past events too. Which stage should I be focusing right now? If I can just bump my score up like 10k I’d be pretty happy

What I do when I’m looking to get into a better reward slot is compare the stages to the stages around them.

2: + 3k (over previous)

3: + 1k

4: + 2.5k

5: + 2k

6: + 8k

7: + 8k

8: + 4k

9: + 4k

10: + 9k
Viewing it this way, you have a good solid progression, but I would try to key in on stages where the progress is smallest, or where progress to the next level is exceptionally high.
Stage 3 has the smallest increase, I would try to squeeze some more out of that first.

Stage 6 has the biggest jump early, and 5 has a small jump, so I would try to squeeze some more out of 5 as well.

Stage 8 and 9 both have a smaller jump compared to the 7th and 10th, so maybe you can squeeze some out of them as well.
Really though, these are just the most likely candidates, that doesn’t mean you have the right heroes to blow through those levels quickly or that you will get favorable boards, so you may have to make allowance for your heroes and/or luck.

I’m using kiril triton and 3 grimms. I could use Wu kong possibly, I’ve seen people do that. Or instead of kiril bring sonya as another hitter. But I kind of feel like kiril triton and 3 grimms is my best bet, it feels right

Have you looked for the difference in performance based on how many blue monsters in a level? Your mono blue would outperform when more red mob than blue, I think.
Board is huge for mono attacks, of course, but maybe swap one Grimm for a neutral color tank. Wu has got to be in your roster. Try the first level.

The mobs aren’t the same everytime though lol. Like the chart will show you for example that a stage has red and blue mobs but each time you play the level it’ll be a different combination of blue and red monsters. Sometimes the first stage is just red monsters sometimes just blue sometimes a combination of both. Which sucks because it’s hard enough farming for a great starting board and even if you get one you can sometimes be up against the mob you don’t want lol

Exactly. That is my reason for trying a more balanced attack like 2,2,1 I used in Legendary.
Good luck

3,4,5 can get 1k points more

9 should be 83k - 85k

Try 8, 9 and 10 with Wu.

Maybe you’ll be able to break 80k, 90k and 100k.
Great work so far :sunglasses: