Where can I find gas mileage info for used 2004, 2005, & 2006 vehicles?

I’m in the market to purchase a used car and gas mileage is a factor for me. However, the cars I’m looking at usually don’t have the origial window sticker with the mpg info.

Are there any websites or other sources I can use to find gas mileage for used cars?

Check out Consumer Reports, Apr 05-07 editions. If they have tested the car, they display their average mpg. That figure is more realistic than any mpg computed by a manufacturer.

The EPA site is here:

When you are looking at the “official” fuel mileage figures keep this in mind: Your mileage may vary.
Few people achieve the mileage listed on the window sticker.

www.edmunds.com is a good research site.
Ed B.

Oops, hit the submit button too soon. This site has reviews back to 1994. The mpg numbers should be in the reviews.

Ed B.

<www.fueleconomy.gov> The nice thing about this site, is you can compare cars side-by-side, and, given your driving habits and the price of fuel where you live, estimate how much each car will cost you per year.

Part of my message got chopped: www.fueleconomy.gov

You can do the same right on this site. Go to ‘Research vehicles’.

Try www.gasaroo.com. Its a database that is populated by actual car owners who report what they no joke got under normal conditions along with the lab/test results.