What would be your star name. - fun game

Stars take their names from any place.
So take your middle, but if you don’t have one then use your first name.
Then add it to your street Name.
Mine would be.
Melinda Mourning Dove.

Elizabeth Dat Twit. :smiley: heh heh, just kidding, however my middle name is elizabeth.
i need to change my name. i feel so dumb. :o when you said street name, i thought you meant like a name that people call you (nickname somewhat). i didn’t think you meant streetname literally. i see these names people put and i say “OMG, she really meant streetname”. ok, now i’m writing too much. my name would be… Elizabeth Graylog (very dull)

Fay Sullivan would be according to the game…but, my star name has always been Monique Champagne

mine would be ruth jessamine avenue

no need to put down avenues or drives, etc.

hmmm Elizabeth Alabama

How hick town right lol

michelle clayton? cute!

Mine would be Ann University Place :smiley:

Samantha Laramie.~~~~~~~ not so good,it should be Morgan…ha ha ha!! LOL

Sam, is that you.

Quote Geethashree: Samantha Laramie.~~~~~~~ not so good,it should be Morgan...ha ha ha!! LOL
that’s a good one! if only it did have morgan ;(

Diane Richard, how boring?!?!

Mary Arrow (Now that is weird) :slight_smile: