VIP Ferocity

Can someone list all the VIP creatures from lowest ferocity to highest? I

Only highest level? Only Jurassic?

Max lvl 40 and all types.

My question was stupid because it doesn’t matter.

All VIPs in all classes have the same ferocity which is at level 40


Really? Why are some ranked higher?


Here the proof for Jurassics.

Unfortunately the wrong language but I think you can see what I mean. “Gesundheit” is health, “Angriff” attack and “Wildheit” is ferocity. The formula we use is

Ferocity = health + 3.2 × attack

This is not guaranteed absolutely accurate but it is very close.

And btw, in my language decimal and thousands separator are swapped.

Aquatics and cenezoics:

Yup they are basically the same but out on the fringes you will see small deviations.

I think that the VIPs all have a very close ferocity level, but it’s not all the same. Take Proceratosaurus for example, if we try to find how ferocity is calculated and substitute things in, Ferocity is 3.2xAttack+Health. But if you substitute it in with Prestosuchus, the ferocity level decreases to about 9575.

I think the reason is that we do not know the exact formula Ludia is using. I’m quite sure that in their formula it’s the same for all.

But our formula is more than accurate enough.

Making them for all intensive purposes identical ferocities. Something that changes by 1 or 2 when we are talking about 9575 ish range is a change of 0.01-0.02% which does not matter

That could be the difference between best VIP and worse VIP in terms of ferocity…

NVM found out. It’s Pterodaustro>Pterodactlys>Concavenator>Eolambia>Metoposaurus>Acrocanthosaurus>Tanycolagreus>Prestosuchus>Baryonyx>Eudimorphodon>Mastodonsaurus>Wuerhosaurus>Apatosaurus

But also if you assume that in the grand scheme of things and assuming that a ferocity difference of less than 0.1% is really no difference at all then…

Which is oddly not the order they display for me when sorted by ferocity for level 30’s.

level 30 stats are different from lvl 40 ones.