UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS when fetching cards

I’m trying to fetch cards belonging to the same account, e.g.
Unfortunately this error is returned:

    "errors": [
            "code": "UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS",
            "message": "This request is not properly authenticated"
    "request": {
        "params": {}

In my opinion this should work. What am I doing wrong here?


Welcome to the forums, @Jini, and thanks for the question. Do requests to other endpoints succeed? If so, it could be an issue with not URL encoding reserved characters. Please see the following.

Hi @Jahanavi, I can confirm we’re encoding the URL as specified. All other endpoints we use are working fine, e.g. the stats endpoint.

Any other idea?


@Jini Please make sure you’re doing RFC3986 compliant URI encoding. Some info here: https://github.com/twitterdev/postman-twitter-ads-api/issues/2
E.g., in JavaScript world, it’s like encodeURI() (RFC2396) vs encodeURIComponent() (RFC3986)

Thank you, this was actually just an issue for us in Postman as well.