Twitter survey cards are not displaying on web browsers, anything in roadmap to fix that?

Hi Team,
I am exploring twitter survey and I see that twitter surveys are not supported in web browsers i.e. and as per
But it creates very inconsistent behavior for customers because if the survey card doesn’t show up on browsers but survey introduction text shows up.
In api the direct message which introduces survey is also mandatory, if we had that optional then even if the survey doesn’t show then it would not have been inconsistent experience for customer.
I think this issue should be faced by anyone who wants to leverage twitter survey card to take valuable customers feedback in consistent way.
Do we have anything in timeline to fix this ?
There is another conversation on the same issue but no clarity on timeline as trello board does not showing anything on this issue.

Ref : Customer Feedback Cards not displaying in new Twitter Website UI
Is there any alternative option given to customers using enterprise api to send survey to customers?

Kiran Machhewar

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