TS3 Cruiser for 2/10 to 5/10 DED Sites

Is it possible to it like in the topic? For e.g I was in a 2/10 with a HAC allthough wiki writes it is for destroyer.

Which 2/10? I know some unrated sites have different ships requirements depending on faction but HAC-s should be 3/10+ only.

No. T3Cs will not get past the gate in DED sites below 5/10.

If you want to use a Tech 3 Ship for exploration. Use Tactical Destroyer (T3D) for DED 2-4/10 and then you can use a Strategic Cruiser (T3C) for 5/10’s.

Strategic Cruisers are banned from DED sites of rating 1-4/10.
In case you don’t know:
  • 1/10 only allow Frigate Size ships
  • 2/10 only Destroyer Size ships and smaller
  • 3/10 only Cruiser Size and smaller (except T3C’s)
  • 4/10 only BattleCruiser Size and smaller (except T3C’s)
  • 5/10 and up allow Battleship Size and smaller.

At least some 4\10 do let T3C in, tried it last week with Serpentis Lookout

Is an Unrated DED, which would be the reason why you could enter

Some lookouts are broken and CCP never cared to fix. Gurista one lets only dessies in, while sansha/blood/serp ones don’t care about size at all.

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