Tracy wont hurt Luke or more important Laura!

I believe this lady is not cruel and she loves Luke and I dont think she would be that cruel. I think Laura looks like a lost angel I wish I had been able to see her when she was young.I saw the wedding and she was beautiful and so sweet.I love that you tube spot you can see so many things you missed.I hope Tracy shows compassion.Her love for Luke is so very very special she understands him no judgements. :))

Tracey will but Lukes balls out,She does not give a rats about Laura…

Tracy is smart!

I’m sure she knows that if she hurts Laura, will never forgive her!!!

Tracy was very cool today.
I liked it, when she told Jax off about Carly.

I agree she has a great ability of telling truth with a smile! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I really think that Tracy will tell Laura because i know she loves Luke even though she doesn’t admit it. Like she cares if Luke and Laura get married.