Thumbnails for gear and passive ability stacks should be displayed on the HUD

I really want to know why this wasn’t implemented especially with all the gear that has a secondary ability like +%5.00 attack speed for 5 seconds after landing a melee attack.
The hud has plenty of room for this looking under the health bar
It’s frustrating not knowing if the extra ability is active and not knowing how much time I have left to make full use of it with legendary gear being the biggest on things like this for instance I have a legendary that gives a +% 0.55 skill damage when taking damage that can stack 10 times however I will never know how many stacks I have because I can’t see it.

This plus adding some debuff counter would be great.

Like a stun/silence/blind icon with a duration, telling you how long left until X CC wears off.

Would like this as well with a thumbnail displaying what caused the CC effect.