Tailored Audiences with sub 500 user reach displayed as "Ready" on the audience_manager page, but are reported on the api as TOO SMALL

We’ve had a client report that their Tailored Audience is not available to be targeted in our application despite the status of the audience being displayed as “Ready” on the audience_manager in Twitter ads manager. I have found that the audience is being reported as reasons_not_targetable[TOO_SMALL] when twurling for the account’s tailored audiences. I’ve noticed that the reported reach for this Tailored Audience is reported as 164 in the ads manager UI, but it is noted is several places within the Twitter Ads API documentation that the minimum reach threshold has been lowered to 100.
Is this a Twitter ads API bug related to the recent lowing of this threshold?
Supporting documentation:



Resulting pertinent json output from the above twurls:
{“targetable”:false,“name”:“All Converted Traffic FS Twitter”,“targetable_types”:[“WEB”,“EXCLUDED_WEB”],“audience_type”:“WEB”,“permission_level”:“READ_WRITE”,“is_owner”:true,“id”:“39ljb”,“reasons_not_targetable”:[“TOO_SMALL”],“created_at”:“2019-08-13T15:57:49Z”,“updated_at”:“2019-08-26T12:34:30Z”,“partner_source”:“OTHER”,“deleted”:false,“audience_size”:null}
Screenshot provided by the client:

Twitter Ads API docs:

General: * The Audience lookback window has been updated to match against users active within the past 90 days (from 30 days) * The minimum number of matched users required for an audience to be targetable has been decreased to 100 users (from 500 users)

Q: What is the minimum size for an audience to be used for targeting? The minimum size for an audience to is 100 users (post match). If an audience with less than 500 users is matched, it will not be available for targeting in the Twitter Ads UI.

Hi @Gopika
Possibly, a bug, I think. Can you also test if you can add the audience (All Converted Traffic FS Twitter) to any of your line_item using the Ads API (POST accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria)? Do you see any error there?

I can try to do this, but this is an account that I do not own and therefor have to coordinate with the client on this. I will communicate any results here.
In the mean time, any insight you could provide, or troubleshooting on Twitter’s end, or possible cause would be very helpful for us to be able to communicate with the client.

Hello again,
We have reached out to our client and they are not willing to share their log in credentials with us in order for our engineering team to authenticate and manually execute twurls on their line items.
Is there anything you folks can do to trouble shoot this potential API issue on Twitter’s end?
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do, or any other info we should provide to aid in identifying and fixing the issue?

Hi @Parvi

We are still seeing this issue, and are not able to perform the requested test of manually trying to POST the tailored audience to an existing line item due to lack of necessary permissions on the client’s ad account. Can you help us??

Hi @Gopika ,
Yes, we have identified the issue which we believe the cause of this and the engineering team is currently working on it. I’ll get back to you once I have an update. Thank you for your patience.


This is great news, thank you for the update! Please let us know when there are any updates on your end so we can that we can pass that along to our client.

@Parvi Any updates on the aforementioned fix, or perhaps a rough ETA on the deployment if available?

@Gopika ETA is tomorrow US time, will let you know once it’s deployed.

@Gopika Well, actually, it has been deployed and now it should be fixed. Can you confirm?

@Parvi Success (I think)! Looks like the tailored audience is showing as reasons_not_targetable: in the api response, and it is showing in our system as ready and available for use. The only reason I added the parenthetical of “I think” is because it looks like the audience_size has been updated to 609, which brings it above the 500 user threshold. So I am unable to say with 100% certainty that the bug is confirmed fixed due to the deploy, or if it was due to the increase of the audience_size. However, the use of this tailored_audience seems to be unblocked now! Thank you for helping us out with this, and if we see any other behavior like this we will reach out to you folks to let you know