System diskio positive selection

Wondering if it’s possible to config system.diskio to only sample selected devices rather than all ‘mounted disks’ a bit like filesystem.ignore_types?
filters.drop_event.regexp is ImHO a negative list, I’ll rather do a positive list as well as saving the sampling for only later to drop events.

As our VE hypervisor nodes seems to list all virtual guests lvm devices and I’ll rather sample such from within the guest VMs than on whatever random hypervisor such execute on.

We don’t support such a feature yet but I definitively think it’s a valid request. Could you open a feature request on Github for this and share a bit more details on how your “preffered” config would look like?

Github RFE
I was thinking maybe something like and option for diskio like:
diskio.name_match_regexp: ‘^(dm-|vd)’
to make diskio only collectd and submit data for device names matching such regexp

For reference, here is the feature request:

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