Switches behind pilots' seats

Hey everyone!
I haven’t been on the community a bunch recently, (playing too much Fortnite) so sorry about my absence.
I’ve seen a few pictures, and I’ve noticed what seems to be a panel behind the Captian and FO seats.

What are these switches used for? Are these circuit breakers? How would they aid a pilot in an emergency?

Can you add more info about the switches and what do they look like? (Send a image)

Yep! Sorry, forgot to add that in the original post.

Those are circuit breaker panels.

Alright, that’s what I assumed.

@Prajval I think your welcome to close this since it’s found out by you m8 :+1:

Not electrocuting him or preventing a short would seem beneficial.

I’d say these are circuit breakers and one of them is for the CVR :smiling_imp::joy: