Support Frigate Issue Repairing Assault Craft

I’m not sure it’s been noted already (I did a quick search but didn’t find anything) but it appears that when Vaygr assault craft dock with support frigates they get fully repaired but any replacement ships become inaccessible. The same seems to happen with corvettes too. I assume it’s also an issue for Hiigaran ships as the newer races’ ships are based on the squad system and have nowhere to launch from on the support frigate.
This quick clip shows the madness.

I’ve seen this too but in my case the ships did appear as the assaults pealed off the support ship. I think it was a controller though not a support frigate. Nice ballet there dude, didn’t know it helped fighter pilots out!

Little did you know that the Taiidani have developed a new hyper drive system for fighters. Those guys are coming back with the Beast Infection to win the war.
On a more serious note, it appears that pretty much everything that has to do with the HW2 latching system + HW1 bends time and space.
For example I had a Kushan Collector get stuck on a refinery RU intake. When I ran out of RUs I noticed this giant line of Collectors just sitting there, waiting for the bugged one to move. Needless to say, I had to scuttle the damm Collector, just for the 2nd next one to bug too.

You can just tell them to stop, then give a move order. I see this all the time, especially in rock formations due to tight pathing.

That doesn’t work. The ships that are replaced can’t be accessed as they haven’t ‘launched’ from the support frigate. In the video clip you can see the green lines originating from empty space where the ships should be.

lol great video. I was going to add that I’ve seen this also, but it was you I was playing with when you discovered and told me about it.

What kind of tech have you got on those frigates of yours ratamaq? Seems you can fold space-time.
I’m calling it:

Also, the support frigates need the docking procedures fixed as shown in the vid, it takes eon for fighters to dock while keeping them vulnerable to enemy fires.
I had a game where I was taking upper hand on a fighter vs fighter battle. I had 2 friendly support frigates being sent in the battle. In a matter of a minute, all I see are red dots all over because as I tell each of my damaged fighters to dock, they take like 10+ seconds to dock while being vulnerable unlike docking to capital ships and are all killed that is worse than not having any support frigates at all and letting them go back to capital ships.

Indeed, as amusing as watching them do the ‘ballerina manoeuvre’ was the first couple of times in the match, between the ships being destroyed during the docking procedure and disappearing randomly I was constantly having to rebuild squadrons.

Sorry I seem to have posted to the wrong thread here, I was speaking of collectors not strike craft, must have had too many tabs opened, lol.

I agree but even on other units both hw1 & hw2 Rm everything seems somehow little slower than in the vanilla versions. Not sure maybe it’s just been so long and I just imagine it.
Anyway what also requires fixing while docking are literally all docking waypoints when it comes down to moving ships… Once a carrier,res controller etc… moves fighters and corvettes wont dock properly or not all till the hangar ship stops…

Yes this one is annoying. It’s kind of backwards from HW1. When a carrier is moving, ships have trouble docking, but have no problem exiting. In HW, ships had no trouble docking, but certain ships when built wouldn’t exit until the carrier stopped.
A carrier ‘trojan horse’ was when you sent a Tiiadan carrier off towards a target building ion frigates. The ions were so slow that they wouldn’t exit the carrier while moving. When the carrier stopped, all the ions built would exit at once.

Lol nice to bad nobody ever did that on me in the old days… Must have been quite the shock… Feature request bring trojan carriers. :stuck_out_tongue:

It worked ok on larger maps, like hyperspace arena, but you couldn’t get too many ions build on Sub or Talas to really freak someone out.
“How do you dock frigates?!?!?!?”