SUGGESTION: "Play of the Game" Equivalent

Overwatch wasn’t the first game with this concept and it won’t be the last - and with some of the incredible multi-kills or last-minute saves I’ve seen, it’d be cool to see some of the highlights again at the end (with the option to skip it and go right to the score/stats page for those that want to.)
Just 30-60s or so of the highlights of the round; Best Kill, Highest Damage Done (in a single move), etc. etc.
Not only that but at the end of the match I barely even have time to type “GG” before the lobby closes and I might never see some of them again! Give us a half-minute or so longer to talk to/grab profiles of people we liked playing with :smiley: (Not that you can’t do so whilst waiting to respawn but if it’s a really good match then you don’t have to respawn and you never get that chance…)
Sorry if this is an existing topic - I did a quick look for it and couldn’t find anything on these lines except for mid-match Kill Cam suggestions (which I also support! I’d like to know exactly how Benedict managed to cram that rocket up my backside like he did…)

Loading time may be able to be concealed using this, having it load while watching play of the game.

No thanks.
I don’t feel like being held hostage in starting my next game so I can watch what the game “thinks” is the play of the game when in reality it’s usually just some awful right place right time cleanup or some garbage where a whole 1 person dies.

All everyone is going to see is my Oscar Mike multi-kills with airstrike/incendiary grenade combo.

Which is why I said in the first paragraph that people can individually skip it and go to the stats page/go queue for something else if they want to. I 100% agree that it shouldn’t be mandatory but I’d quite like to see them, more often than not. :slight_smile:

Play of the game is poor on overwatch tbf, doenst really work as it should.
There is one thing I do like from overwatch is voting for the best player to get extra xp.

Hahaha holy ■■■■ is that what that’s for?
But ya, a play of the game feature wouldn’t be amazing in Battleborn. A match is off the hook if a just one triple (or even double) kill happens. not to mention this game isn’t a giant clusterfuck like Overwatch is.

Totally agree.
At least a compromise > play of the game which can be skipped.