[Solved] Atom/PlatformIO: how to create a python file?

I have recently installed Atom on Windows 10, in order to use PlatformIO for my Arduino developments. This is all working well, much to my delight. :slight_smile:
Now I want to write some python code… however,. when I select ‘new file’ it will be created in one of the PlatformIO folders.
I can simply drag a python file into Atom and then work on it, but how can I create a new python file and work with the plug-ins such as linter, python-autocomplete and other python tools?

Does making one normally and using the .py extension not work?

Thanks… :slight_smile:
How I figured it out…
I eventually figured that I have to ‘add a project folder’ to my list projects.

At first I used a UNC path to a Raspberry Pi, but that crashed linter with the msg: UNC path not allowed.

So I copied the folder form the Linux box to the Windows machine, and ‘add project folder’ and then it changed icons to Python and when opening it, linter would mark my code.
All good now; it is working!