SOLD: WTS 15M Machariel Incurison character

Hi folks.
Selling this character who can run incursions with the thevalhallaproject (see and LV 4 missions as well.
Character sheet:

No password

  • Ready to run incursions
  • Decent core skills
  • Shield focused (for incursions)
  • Decent PI skills for the next EVE update
  • Light employment history (NPC and self corp)
  • Positive security status
  • Nice name
  • 2 remaps. Current focused on Perception/Willpower
  • Negative standing with Amarr (-3.62): restrict to agent lvl 1
  • Negative standing with Caldari (-1.97): no restriction
  • No social skills (which can help on those negative standings)
The character:
  • will be docked in Jita IV-4
  • will have positive wallet (50M at least)
  • has no kill right
  • has no jump clone
Starting bid at 13B.
Buyout at 20B.


Won’t lower the price under 13B. I can extract myself :wink:

To the top

I’ll go 13B.


for your

ARWEN SOUL withdraw his offer. I’m for you for 13B if your offer still apply.

Done… I’ll log in shortly and transfer the ISK.

I’m online, feel free to start a conversation to finalize the transfer.

ISK sent…

ISK received.

Transfert done.

I’ve received a mail saying that the payment authorization failed but the character is under transfer right now. The weird part is on my PayPal account it’s OK.
Did you get a confirmation mail yet ?

Yes. I received confirmation the transfer has begun.

Ok, nice. Thank you !

Will monitor the payment fee.
Character sold.

I’ll confirm here when it is received, but all appears fine.
Thanks for the character!

Character received and as advertised. Transaction complete.

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