Ryanair 737-700

I just found out that Ryanair has 1 737-700, which is used for charter and private jet services.

I can use it to practice my hard landings! :wink:

Sorry, I forgot to move it to features.

Ryanair Pilot: β€œ100…50,10”
the sound of passenger’s spines breaking as the Ryanair jet touched down

It it used for pilot type rating too.

I’d love one of these. I’d have another excuse to tell my friends why I crashed :slight_smile:

I got to admit, the Ryanair livery actually looks very nice on the 737-700

Looks good

Looks good. I’d get an excuse for a hard landing with the 737-700.

Looks pretty.

Livery looks very nice!

That would be funny if there were no gears on the plane in-game haha.

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