Respawn timers need reworking for unbalanced or outnumbered teams

As it stands, the game takes no account for teams that are not balanced.
Sometimes people quit, other times games start with one team being full & the other not.
It’s not fun for anyone being in a 4v5 or 3v5 & still having to wait a huge respawn time against a team with more players.
Prime example of a bad experience of this was in a game I had yesterday evening. I was playing solo btw so I was with randoms. It started off 5v5 but our Montana left the game before even leaving the spawn point. Thorn quit around 12 minutes in leaving me (Oscar Mike), a Reyna & a Miko in a 3v5.
We held them fairly well at the first sentry until around 8 minutes left then we got taken out to find all 3 of us had 40-50 second respawn timers. This allowed them to trash the sentry & heavily hit the second one.

Obviously we were never going to win the game but it was a huge slap in the face having to watch our sentry get destroyed after the teamwork the 3 of us had shown while we were heavily handicapped.
My point is, the respawn timers need to take into account the number of players per team instead of blindly assuming & calculating that both teams are full.
And it’s not as simple as just voting to surrender to end the match quicker, (not everyone will necessarily agree too) & why should anyone have to because the game doesn’t account for things it should?

Just trying a bump because I’m really surprised no-one else appears to have an opinion on this.

I am willing to second this, it sucks to lose due to being outnumbered as chances are you won’t win with less people anyhow, but being made to sit there and watch that poor sentry be killed, that’s a whole different thing. If the missing people do not rejoin, there should be some measures to make up for the slack, and decreased spawn timers are a great idea.

Actually that’s a great idea. I never thought of that. Hots has bots that take over (and are, amusingly, better than some players), but bb ai isn’t that great, so reduced death timers makes sense. Maybe the slightest increase to exp gain after 2 minutes from when the teammate left, since team fights get a bit harder, as can laning?