[Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 42

Hello fellow Dinosaur Trainers, update 42 fast approaches.


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Level Cap

Level Cap is increasing to 90


5 new expansions available for unlock in Isla Sorna

Changes to VIP A summary video on the changes to VIP can be found here :arrow_right: Jurassic World™: The Game | VIP Changes Note: All previous VIP Benefits and progress have been left unchanged

VIP Calendar:

  • A new calendar where VIP players can unlock and collect the following buildings and additional perks to the buildings.

VIP Center

  • New building where VIP DNA production site used to be
  • Your main hub for all things related to VIP
  • Find upcoming rewards in the calendar
  • Allows you to claim newly earned VIP rewards

VIP DNA Production Site

  • Works the same as before
  • The more you collect, the higher you can produce
  • Can now be moved and placed wherever you want

VIP Food Factory

  • Works like the VIP DNA Production Site
  • The more you collect, the higher it can produce

VIP Instant Creation Lab

  • Instantly fuses two creatures together
  • Risk free (will not fail)
  • Requires DNA to start
  • More charges are unlockable through the VIP Calendar
  • Weekly charges
  • When fusing a creature, you will have the option to use a charge if you have one available.

VIP S-DNA Production Site

  • Earn S-DNA
  • Choose which S-DNA you want to earn
  • Extra slots for choosing S-DNA unlockable through the VIP Calendar
  • Extra S-DNA is earned by collecting from the site repeatedly like the VIP DNA Production Site

VIP Instant Recovery Lab

  • Instantly recovers one creature for free
  • When selecting a dinosaur on cooldown in the battle menu, you will have the option to instantly recover a creature if you have a charge available.
  • More charges are unlockable through the VIP Calendar

VIP Instant Hatchery

  • Instantly hatches a creature
  • When selecting a creature to hatch, you will have the option to instantly hatch or activate the hatchery like normally
  • More charges are unlockable through the VIP Calendar

Other possible rewards available in the VIP Calendar

  • Card packs
  • Perks for selected buildings
  • Decorations
New Dinosaurs Bug Fixes and Optimization

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This looks fantastic!!!

Timeline on when things look like they will be available based on the video:

  • Month 1: DNA building, immediately available (up to 2,400 / 24h) seems to be the same cap as before the update and still 12 hour cool down on collection.
  • Month 2: Additional Food Production Facility, (up to 100,000 / 24h) Appears this starts off at level 1 at 10,000 / 24h. Not sure how or at what interval it will be upgradable, might act like the DNA building and will require a certain number of collections to increase its level. You can only collect every 24 hours it seems which is different than the DNA building collection at 12 hours.
  • Month 3: Instant Creation Lab, appears you will be able to have up to 70 charges in the building. No information on how often you can get a charge.
  • Month 4: SDNA Production Site, (up to 20 / 24h) looks like in here you will have up to 4 spaces to select what type of SDNA you want to collect in increments of 5 per slot, my guess is that you actually start out with one or two slots so either 5 or 10 SDNA / 24 hours. It also appears you can not double up on a type. When the Velociraptor SDNA is selected in the video it gets checked off giving the impression you could not also select it for the second slot as well. Month 6 and 9 appears to have additional slots unlocked to get up to 4 slots.
  • Month 5: Instant Recovery Lab, (1 / 70) so you will be able to save up charges over time and each charge will be to instantly cool down a creature. Depending on the frequency of building a charge this those high health creatures that take 4-7 days to cool down will be available a bit sooner.
  • Month 6: extra SDNA slot for the SDNA production facility.
  • Month 7: Instant Hatchery, (1 / 70) again it appears you can save up to 70 charges and the building looks like it has a cool down of 1 week in the video to earn a charge. This is the only one of the “charge” building that showed a cool down but I am anticipating all of them will have a similar 1 week cool down to create a charge.
Curious what this will be as well:

Good job Ludia! This looks very interesting, especially VIP changes

Very cool

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I’m looking forward to this update too. But I’m cautious praising Ludia before I see what the changes to VIPs are going to be.

I edited my post up above to layout what I think is coming based on the video.
Also make sure you click the link in the post from Keith for the rewards, it’s 50DB.

Better cooldown reduction on Ads, is already in game, it was just not written in the VIP benefits. VIP have more time removed then non VIP when watching an ad to speed up cooldown times / building times.

Ohhh so 20 minute reduction is the VIP amount, what is the non VIP amount for those that are non VIP?

I believe it is 10 minutes, but I could be wrong.

Yes, it’s only 10 minutes for non-VIP players.
I’m looking forward to these as well. The insta-hatch looks cool. Sounds like it will be an extra 7-day hatch a week. Basically another offline hatching pod.

Wow, and I though the 20 mins was pretty sad already. Especially compared to some of the cooldowns we used to get automatically. It’s one of the few ad watches I find pretty useless and rarely bother using for how little benefit it is. 10 minutes is ludicrously short when you have 7 day hatch times. Not much of a benefit frankly, and kind of looks silly to even mention it when it’s still pretty useless.
Otherwise though these updates look fantastic, and smart on Ludia’s part as they make dropping the VIP membership for any amount of time WAY more undesirable. Figures this would show up literally minutes after I switched my membership from a yearly renewal to just monthly!
Glad they added more expansion space too, we’ll need it for all these new buildings!

Wow I might actually invest in VIP now :tada: these benefits look well worth the price!

Am I missing something? Where is the video?

Just click the link :slight_smile:

Need to expand the arrows for all the information:

After clicking:

I didn’t know you could have expanding bullets on the forum.
Does this all start next month? Or ETA unknown?
And can the instant hatchery be first on the calendar?

This starts when update 42 is released. The first on the calendar is the DNA building like it is now before the update.

Allways the upates for Vips only :pleading_face: