Region Map - The map still blank

I am working with Kibana 6.0.0, and i have followed exactly the steps of this tutorial.
Everything goes well except that in the end, i get a blank map (the Australia states should have some colors).
In the end of the tutorial, it is written that if you don’t have anything in the map you have to check that

the value of the field you are aggregating have to be the same that in your geojson file (and it is, like in the tutorial).
So i don’t know what i could check more.
I am wondering if Kibana did fetch my geojson file correctly, i didn’t see any logs about that, is there a way we can check that? Do you have any idea what the tutorial could be missing to make it works?

It was a CORS issue… Sorry guys it works fine!

Edit: Glad all is good now. Let us know if you have any more questions.

I have seen a lot of issues related to CORS for Kibana. Is there an easy to follow example apart from the documentation ? Thanks in advance.

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