Regenerate API and Token

I use a complete archive sandbox, but every few days I find that it is not connected and must be regenerated for the api and the token. please help me how to not need to constantly regenerate from a short time ?

Is this for Premium fullarchive? feel free to edit if i put it in the wrong section.

thanks for your response IgorBrigadir
I currently use a sandbox. I tried the api and the token in one day I sent more than 100 messages, the next day the token and api did not function so it regenerated and functioned again. If there are errors in some parts it will not function from the beginning, whereas at the beginning of use it will function. Is this a limitation of Sanbox? is there a solution to not regenerate in a short time? or must switch to premium to not happen like this?

You may have already run out of calls - sandbox is very limited and only really meant for testing: check to see your usage limits and when they reset again (Subscription renewal date) for sandbox.
These limits are account-level - so regenerating tokens or even using different apps will not reset the limit either.
Paying for a higher tier will give you more calls but these also reset monthly

so do I have to upgrade an Account Activity API? I don’t need to upgrade to search the tweets too?

No, the 3 premium endpoints, 30day, fullarchive and Account activity are all completely separate - and can be billed separately.
If you’re primarily looking for tweets older than a month, get fullarchive, if it’s tweets within the last month, get 30day, if it’s live, recent tweets - don’t use premium search at all, cheaper to use Streaming API together with the slightly limited Standard REST search endpoints.

Okay, thank you very much @Prajan

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