Ranged vs Melee

That moment when playing any ranged character(in my case WF) and someone playing melee(happened to be a Rath) stand off.
Ranged gets a few kills on the melee without dying, the melee sends a message that in other nicer words the ranged “is a coward”
Point of Reference: Meltdown; WF vs Rath and WF stays back behind speed logistic and shoots charging Rath while Rath gets shot by thumper.(as well as slowing nade/scrap)
Proceed to happen repeatedly and receive said message.
Anyone else have similar experiences while playing ranged, or even melee? Basically I cannot fathom how a melee expects a ranged to fight them on equal footing 1v1 when ranged isn’t built that way.
Edit to include match pics;

Never like you sad with the enemy team,

I had it some time that I saw my own team full of ranged characters and acting like cowards.

If a team has no melees or at least mid range characters (with shootguns or smg) they tend to make no atemd to hold the mid in incursion at all, which leads to a defeat most of the time.

I really dislike how this is an issue in nearly any competitive game. You get hated on for trying to play smart and pick your battles wisely.

Incursion is all about aggression, there is no waiting for better times like other mobas,

you cant farm an advantage in gold or exp if you let the enemy team have the 3 mid crystals and the camp while you have nothing in return.
Also this is not against ranged characters in general, I have seen ranged players going into mid and taking cover there while holding the ground, but mostly they just sit at the sentry corner and don’t do that if no melee goes forward to show them that the floor is not lava there.

@Durvaasaa I can understand what you’re saying about Incursion and personally if I’m playing a ranged I will move around to other vantage points to help my team to help push.
This particular match though was me against 1 other player on 1 lane, so there isn’t as much call for ranged to be going toward the enemy.

I like to think melee heroes balance versus their ranged counterparts with better skills and passives as well as more damage output. They simply need a reason to be played over range heroes if they want to be relevant whatsoever.
If that Rath played the objective instead of trying to CoD his ass to a camping ranged hero, then you would have lost or been forced to advanced, in which he would either fight and kill you, or chase you back to your hidey hole and continued sacrificing little minions to Minrec, winning the game for his team.
I think this game needs a deathmatch gamemode for all the shooter enthusiasts to play instead of objective based strategic game modes. It harms the community by lumping competitive objective players with, what I call “player minions” in which all they do is run into the enemy base hoping to get a kill instead of playing the objective or winning the game, or doing anything productive really.


Typical Rath and Attikus score.

Haven’t played TF2 in many years but this is very similar to the hated flying Demo man.

Your team had to adjust.
In Battleborn…Can’t our team adjust just as in battle days of old?

You can have someone sneak in when shards are up, pinch them and build mid turret then run. I often do this when we’re held back, and I seldom lose playing defensively. Incursion is not all about aggression, an early push might dent the sentry but it’ll also cost the team a death or two and maybe even the chokehold on mid. A late game sweep allows your team to destroy both sentries back to back and take the win even if you’re one sentry down, you have 30 minutes so there’s no need to play aggressively. Build, level up, activate gear, then wait for a mistake or a moment of impatience from an enemy, bait them then kill one and sweep the enemy team while they’re a man down. There’s no strategy in aggression, Incursion is all about strategy.

I think in some game modes and maps…incursion on paradise especially ranged has a advantage on melee. Mostly thorn or marquis against shayne & aurox or attikus. They’re are huge targets and it’s awfully easy to sit in a perch and wait for one to move into sight. Playing melee mostly it’s frustrating sure and I even have game where I feel like I can’t take a swipe at a minion without getting my fatass shot off. Those games are the ones where I think your team needs to have the ranged to at least pester them from sitting up shop and holding off a area or I’ll attempt to sneak around and shake them out. It’s frustrating sure but they need that range because if marquis gets pinned he’s probably dead

You don’t “need” melee characters to be effective; I’ve won games without them, and we actually did quite well.
However, you don’t necessarily need ranged characters either. We played an all tank and melee group (luck of the draw) on Echelon incursion and stomped once we got rolling.
In both scenarios we had a slow start with the enemy pushing up to our sentry within the first couple minutes. As a ranged group we were able to fan out and team shot targets down, but as melee we formed a sort of phalanx formation with our shields and such then gradually crawled up to their sentry.
Good times.

I love you for this, it was the first thought in my mind when i read the title.

Well first off melee should be not be in range of thumper turrets period. If I can’t finish them before they’re in range of a thumper I do not chase. It’s the same concept of tower diving in Moba games