Question about Attack rating

I’m looking at the attack rating for Melendor (714) and Hansel (699). You would think since Melendor has a higher attack rating that his tile damage would be higher. However, when using each hero separately, the tile damage for Hansel is a lot higher against blue monsters. Why is that?

Troops can cause a big difference. My damage per tile varies a bit even when using the same heroes.
You use then on the same titan? Also keep in mind different monsters have different stats.

Thanks for the reply.
I did use each hero on the same board, against the same monster type, and with the same troop. Still saw Hansel’s title damage higher on each hit.
It sounds like you’re saying that, all things equal, the tile damage is directly calculated by the attack power? And that Melendor’s tile damage should be higher? If so, that’s my confusion. Hansel’s is higher for me.

Yeah thats a good question. If Mel has a higher stat, his damage should be a bit more than Hansel

Hey again @Kesari.
Damage Calculation
Here is a link I read before, you can try and make sence of it, but all I got out of it is that a tile isnt going to be the exact damage every time. Other than that I am not sure.

Are you attacking the same monster or at least same defense stat? Attack/defense ratio is the key element of damage, but it also has a random component.