Project Find Results not showing entire lines of code

I have noticed that if I search for a given string in my project, that, when the string is found in a long line (not that long), then the results shown in the ‘Project Find Results’ tab show only a portion of the line where the string occurred rather than the entire line. This makes it extremely difficult to understand the context in which that string occurs within my code. Is there some way to get Atom to show the entire line of code in which a string occurs when displaying results for Project-wide searching?
(Note also that using the buttons that add context with the line above and below do not result in the remaining portion of the line being show.)

Not without going into the package code and tweaking how the results are displayed. I’m not sure what change you’d need to make, but I’m sure it’s somewhere in this file.
Keep in mind that it’s generally not the best idea to hack into core packages, for a variety of reasons. If it’s something you want to pursue, though, I will tell you how.

Thanks for the response. I’m not itching to get into that. I’ve just been trying to get free of TextMate (it’s the only thing really keeping me on macOS) and this is just one of the differences that is fairly jarring to me.

I agree that it’s something that could be improved about the find-and-replace output, and if you want to open an issue describing why you want it, I’m sure they’d accept it as a potential improvement.