Problem opening in some circumstances

I’m having some issues opening files with Atom in some situations. I’m running macOS, Atom 1.26.0. Atom is originally launched usually through the dock, or by double clicking a file type that is associated with Atom (have recreated after launching from command line).
The issue occurs in two different ways:
1: With Atom running, after closing all windows, trying to “Open” through the file menu does absolutely nothing. The same with trying to “Reopen project”.
2: Have Atom running, close all windows, then quit Atom. Then if I try to open a file associated with Atom through the Finder, Atom will launch but will not open a window. There will also not be any menu options, the only choice is the “Atom” menu with the option to “Quit” (see screenshot).
Issue number 2 also seems to cause problems sometimes when Atom updates (either App update or package updates), when I choose to “relaunch Atom”. Atom seems to either not quit properly or not relaunch properly and I’ll end up with this state, then when I manually quit it will relaunch with the previously open windows.

Hi :wave:
I think you are facing this issue This should be fixed in the next hotfix release Atom 1.26.1.

The 1.26.1 update fixes issue number 2 for me, but Issue 1 still persists. I’ve opened an issue