Player initialisation failed on ps4

After having a few problems with this yesterday I again was playing a story mission and whilst playing matchmaking with another player I got booted out of the game and now can’t log in saying I need to verify my ps4 network where in fact I have my subs dilution in date and have connection to the internet typing at this moment. It’s starting to ruin my experience playing the game, when I start getting into a game I don’t expect to be taken out of my experience especially like this. Can anyone help?

I’m getting this as well, first time it has happened to me. I assume it is some issue on the server side but I can’t tell for certain.

Getting the same issue on my end. I’ve seen in previous topics with similar issues and it seems as though it usually happens when they’re applying hotfixes or doing some other kind of server maintenance. Not sure I remember seeing anything in regards to that for today in any news posts, however.

And now I’m back in! Seems like it was just routine maintenance after all.

Sorry I ment subscription haha. But yeah now I have just tried to play incursion and meltdown, been in a queue for 15 minutes. And I have also whilst waiting and trying to play the PvP modes I have been booted out another 3 times with the same display error. It’s enough to make me want to return the game, I know it may sound petty, but I literally just got it yesterday after a week of being released and I can’t even play the game in comfort.

Now I have another message saying ‘failed to authenticate player’

I am still getting this issue regularly over the past 7 days, I don’t know how to resolve it… its seriously annoying, i spend 10 minutes between each match authenticating to the server, then when I actually log on, i get disconnected… how do we fix this issue?