Platform Operations transferred ownership of my app to my organization's parent acct, but without developer access

for reference: Requesting App transfer to Organization Account after reading docs
Our organization has 3 twitter handles, I applied for and recvd approval for a developer account on one of our “children” handles, then while reading the docs, learned it is best to have the “parent” account of the organization be the developer account, and use 3 legged auth to have the “children” accounts use the apps.
So I requested the app be moved to the parent account, and it was.
But the parent account did not yet have a developer account.
So I filled in the request forms for a developer account using the same information as our developer account that was approved for my current handle, responded to the email requests for additional information, but the developer account was declined without an explanation.
I know you are not “supposed” to talk about denied developer account requests on the forum, but I am lost on how to proceed at this point. We were approved on our child account, but denied on our parent account. We intended to continue creating more apps for both our parent and other children accounts.
Please direct message me for parent account details since it seems inappropriate to discuss them here.
Thank you.

Your parent account was likely denied because you already have developer access on your child account.
If you provide me both the child and parent account, I can help you get set up on the proper account.

thank you Dan.

child is this acct: @Trupal

parent is @Trishan

Thank you. I’ve reached out to a few folks.

It turns out your parent account was rejected for a different reason than it being owned by an entity that had already had an account. Rather, the use case submitted with the parent application has an item that is against our developer policy. Due to this, I will not be able to help you out with this request.

thanks for the update.
I thought I had used the same explanation for the developer account application for the parent handle, but obviously I did something against the policy.
I have re-read the dev policy page again, to try to learn what I did wrong, but I cannot find any use case that woudl have been in violation.
Can I contact Twitter API Policy Support, using

to learn what was wrong, and modify the request for dev acct, or is the denial non-reversable?
Since it appears the child account still has a developer account, can I use that handle to create apps, and then use 3 legged auth for the other child account (our second radio station brand name) to access the app for publishing to it’s twitter stream? This appears to be against the best practice suggested to us the parent account as the developer account, but that seems to be a dead end.
Any advice on how to proceed going forward is appreciated.
Thank you.

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