Opponent Teams Moved Positions on Battlefield / Teams Shuffled Mid-War

They seem to still have same teams and flags, so it’s not like just the games changed. This could be very confusing when we can’t always translate the names of pages, or when players have the same name and we’re counting on field position for our strategy

I’ve never seen that happen before, but position on the field is based in part on “role” in the alliance, i.e. Leader, Co-Leader, Elder, Member. So perhaps they made some changes to those during the War, and the board reflected them.

That’s my thought too. The top row is leader and co-leaders. It looks like that’s where the name are different.

If someone is promoted during war, that chance their position. Leader is in middle of front row folloed by coleaders, then elders and after that members. Order also depends, how long have they been in alliance.

This seems like the most likely reason, I’m just surprised it happens during an active war.

I agree it’s confusing. But other “live” changes during War are reflected too, like hero and troop leveling. So it’s not surprising it works that way — and it certainly would be less confusing if it didn’t.

Ex-members also show so it does make some sense that other member changes would also.

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So we’re taking hits against specific targets and suddenly, the field shuffled. Our targets suddenly weren’t in the correct (original) placement.
It’s now shuffled a 2nd time since beginning to compose this.
I know it’s not a huge deal but a pain as we use coordinates for targets, but can’t do that as the field keeps shuffling.

@Shail This happens if they change the “ranks” of the alliance members during War, e.g. swapping around who’s an Elder or Member.
I moved your post to an existing thread about this. If you scroll up to when last discussed, the consensus seemed to be that it’s unsprising but also confusing that these changes are reflected live during War.

Thanks for answering, we’d never seen it before, so it was surprising.

Iv demoted a member during war, and tht moved him frm 2nd bk raw too bk raw, it only swopped afew members over, bt seeing most of the field change is an odd one