Obtain a Twitter app - Sentiment Analisis

I have filled a quiz in twitter developer web site in order to obtain some data about Twitter. I want to make a sentiment analisis with the tweets of the users, but i did not get my app key and API key (“consumer key” and “consumer secret”).

Thanks for getting in touch. Just to clarify have you applied for a developer account? Did you hear a response yet or are you still waiting to hear back?

Hi Jessica. I applied for a developer account, but i am still waiting for a response.

If you have been pending for a while , your application automatically closed a few weeks after we sent an email to you requesting more information about your use case. Please double check the email inbox that you had associated with your @Erish when you applied for an email with the following from address:

We have more details on this in our FAQs
Once you’ve found this email, please respond to it, making sure to pay close attention to each of its resources and questions.
If you can’t find the email, please use this form, and make sure to select ‘I have a question not covered by these points’.
If you applied within the past week, please hang tight. Our agent will get around to your application soon!

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