Nest "places"

nests have places like “arts” and "fishing. what does count as a “arts” location and “fishing” location. im not sure if im doing this right but “new topic” is the closest thing i found to adding posts

I would guess “arts” would be things such as museums and what not. “Fishing” may just be by river banks or around lakes.

fishing has to be something else. rivers and lakes would be too op if they were fishing spots just because they are watery places

Fishing might be tackles shops and designated fishing areas, like fishing piers

that makes sense

would boating be a place with boats. my family has a cabin in the woods near a large lake that was created for fishing and boating. i would like to abuse that(not my family). or does it have to be a fancy-pants boating dock area

It would probably be a marina or a boating shop. Jwa was built with google maps, so if it will come up on that, it probably is a nest

I misread this as “nerf places” :rofl:

This is so crazy, literally a container of art counts as an art nest!

I’m always getting a mono gen 2 or dilophosaurus and I live in Local 2, so it must be an Art nest, kind of crazy I think

Wait, so that entire box of all my drawings doesn’t count?
Ludia, I need a word.

There is a bait shop called Master Baiters here in Delaware and whenever I visit it, I notice I get the “fishing” spawns. So maybe thats one of them. But its weird because they also sell food but it doesn’t get restaurant spawns.

I’ve been meaning to ask about this for a moment. So if a dino spawns in the same place every other day, no matter the time of day, it’s probably a Nest Spawn right?

it might just be a common creature in that area but it can also be a kind of nest

Welp, I don’t know, cause I’m in Zone 1, and I’m seeing Spinosaurus in the same place sometimes. So I’m thinking it is a nest of some sort. Unless it’s in Zone 1.

It’s probably a school. However, there are sometimes random spots that is basically a nest, but it’s in the middle of nowhere. i know of a spot where hadrosaurs spawn, but there is no bank for a kilometer in every direction. There is a spot where tyrannosaurs spawn, but the nearest restaurant is a kilometer away. Spino is zone 4 and is found with mono gen 2 and parasaur

Interesting. Yay it’s a nest! So, can one pop a scent to make the dino spawn more often? Like with a specific scent or a scent that matches their rarity?

No. That happens with those random park spots (a spot that isn’t in a park, but has park spawns), but not with nests. If you drop an epic scent over a bank in a zone 1, you won’t be seeing ouranosaurus. You’d see conc, brachi, and anky along with the globals, but no ourano. Same with any nest like ATMs and Schools

Awww. Not cool. Welp, looks like I gotta wait for Spino to come around again.

We have fisher therapod scents. You can get spino in there

Oh, yeah, I know. It’s still a luck of the draw. Last two times I did it, I attracted more Irritator than Spino. Like, 2-1 odds xP