My D has fallen off :(

It’s a purely graphical error, and maybe its just my display, but in the quest page the D on the end of wonderland has been bumped to a new line.
Please fix this serious impairment to my gaming enjoyment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Couldn’t resist taking a look; happy to report my D is exactly where it should be :laughing:

So… its is a conspiracy against only me… I must be important :grin:

It hurts lol

Wonderlan… Must be a localised network issue? #techiegag

Same here the D is on the next line.

Wonderlan D, more specifically.

I think is some screen resolution related thing.

After further research, I am glad to say my D is just where it is supposed to be…:smile:

Wow, that’s some summon tokens collection you got there :slight_smile: (@Jiyana)

You just don’t understand my suffering :joy:

No D at the end here :smile: :smile:

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