Monitoring with Maps in Kibana

I would like to have a map as visualization on dashboard which will show all my points of interest together with its states. States can be Operation/In Service/Non Operational and should be different in color. Also it should be possible to click on a point to show its details from data stored in index.
Then Kibana can be used as a monitoring solution for my points of interest and dashboard can be refreshed every time in defined time interval.
I was looking in Coordinate Map in Kibana, but it works only with aggregations and therefore user is not able to interact with points shown on map.

I was trying to google for something similar, for plugins, but none was found.
Anyone has experience with similar use case in Kibana? Is there any way how to do it?

Hey @Niyana unfortunately, this isn’t currently possible. There’s an issue in GitHub to track this request, if you wouldn’t mind adding your use-case or giving it a +1 it’ll help us prioritize this new feature appropriately.

Thank you for your reply.
I have an update, I was able to show on map points using Vega visualization plugin for Kibana. Moreover I am able to show points in different colors representing different states. However I am not able to click on any point in visualization as in Coordinate map.
From my point of view it looks much more better now with Vega. I need to figure out how to do it more user interactive to have a complete proof of concept :slight_smile:

@Niyana I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten it working with the Vega plugin!

@Niyana, in Vega you can set tooltip on a mark to an expression (signal) - and it will show up on mouseover. You could also do a more complex manual popup, where you create a box with all the text or other elements you need, and show that graph on some signal - e.g. when a user clicks on an item. Good luck!

P.S. you can also use href to specify click target.

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