Mitsuko or Queen of Hearts

So a bit of a decision making troubles here for me guys. I have both Mitsuko and the QoH at 3/70 and mats for just one and cant seem to decide which one gets them. I already have Ares as my tank on defence and also have enough emblems to put Mitsuko to level 3 talent right away. Having this in mind im leaning more towards Mitsuko as an option to improve my offensive teams with her higher attack stat on tiles. Not to mention that i have come to realize that the game is pretty much made to keep you around the same amount of trophies regardless of how strong your def team is. For example my team is at a little over 4100 and any time i go over 2700 trophies in no more than 15 min i get pounded for -200 or so. What are your thoughts?

I’m no expert and I’m still learning myself. I have mitsuko but not queen. What I have found with mitsuko, is that she is better on offense. When on defense, part of her special is easily lost by the offense not using an ice hero. I really wanted queen, but I didn’t get her. She’s very tanky and the “taunt” aspect of her special will be very annoying to anyone attacking your defense team with her on it lol!!

Tough call.
I am going to go with Mitsuko. I have her and Ares maxed and I run them both on my red mono team. I also run Mitsuko on my Defense team flanking Guin and I rarely dip below 2600 cups. I’ve stayed at over 2700 for hours.
Mitsuko isn’t that strong unless you are facing a blue sniper or aoe. In that case you can virtually eliminate your opponents blue attackers because they are going to suicide. I love it when I see a team with a combo like Richard and Athena.
But if they are running blue healers, Mitsuko is a big loss. The mana drain is still ok, but I’d rather have a true damage dealer.
Here is my defense. My last raid was 4 hours ago.

Ares is an awesome tank but he is outdated. QoH!

I have the queen and mitsuko. I love the queen for both offence and defence. She is great. I suggest the queen right now because of her house and taut card

I totally agree with Mitsuko being a huge help on offense against blue heroes, heck even at 3/70 she still is alive long enough to get them all to commit a suicide which makes it so fun to play. Some people think the queen might even be a better tank than Guin yet i dont see her being used so much in def teams in raids, which is weird.

Both are great offensive heroes when used well, neither is a great defensive hero in my opinion but each could serve as a tank or flank in well structured lineups. If you’re embleming up Ares, I think your best bet is Mits (one of the best sorcerers in my opinion), if you have no expectations to emblem Ares, Queen is certainly a solid choice. No real wrong answer between them, it’s just a matter of preference.

That is a good point because I did use all my emblems on Ares just before I pulled the Queen. And i do have 165 sorcerer emblem sitting there waiting to be used on Mitsuko.

I’ve faced QoH about a dozen times so far. As a tank, I feel she is about par with Ares. Her taunt is pointless to me because if she has the time to power up, my specials are going to her anyway.
Where I have found her a threat is when she is on flank.

I was also going to suggest Mitsuko, for the emblems-related reason that @Tejaswin pointed out. I don’t remember who said it, but someone in Crystal Palace mentioned that Mitsuko is widely regarded as the best Sorcerer in that alliance. So she’s an appropriate home for your sorcerer emblems.

I’m in the same quandary. In my case both are who I think will get emblems when they are fully leveled, which makes it an even tougher choice.
I see QoH as more versatile so I’m leaning her way, but I’ve have heard many times that Mits is the best in her class, and Sabina would be my placeholder whereas I haven’t hear that QoH is best in hers and I can give emblems to Frida and that seems a decent second choice for now.
Any thoughts?

One thing about the Queen - because it’s a pretty unique special - I keep finding new different ways and combos to benefit from it.
Other cards are more straight forward, but seem to be built with an expiration date — great until something relegated them to next best.
Either card is a win, but for me - I’d choose the queen and seeing what I could do with her — but I don’t really care about cups.
If it turned out to be a dud, I’d forget about it by the time the next 6 rings rolled around :slight_smile:

It’s true, her ice counter skill is more useful. I have her at 2/60 and even then the skill is very appreciated and helps demolish teams that rely too much on Alasie or Richard for their offensive punch in defense. Mitsuko has been very helpful for me in wars for this reason.
You could try her out on defense with Ares too, the chances are high that your opponent will be stacking blue to begin with. It’s not a guarantee that Mitsuko’s special will go off though, but it may place that seed of doubt on the opponent.
Although I think Q. of Hearts is better on defense. Don’t have her, but Taunt is really good. You can use her on the flank and she’s good there too, as she can help draw attention away from your tank.

Flank or even back row for me… I don’t think she’d be that viable as a tank in all honesty - she’d lose the minion (aka the precious) too fast to matter …
It’s been a lot of fun maximizing how many shots can be fired without the other side able to hit back because of the taunt :slight_smile:

Ares is not a great defensive tank, he’s too easily dispelled and with no hit back there is little repercussions to using him to load specials up.
QoH ultimately shines as a flank, drawing fire from your tank.
Mitsy has mana cut and trick blue reflect that can force an attacker to sit on Blue offensive specials a few turns but not forever.
I’d consider QoH as interm tank until you got a better one that punishes an attacker, at which point on the flank, QoH will start to draw special attacks away making it mostly tile damage to kill. Ares might make the other great flank and if you plop a good tank in there you’re in business.