Logstash 5.6 Date filter target setting not working

We have a date field filebeat_timestamp that has the dates in the following format: 2018-01-11T21:50:50.219Z.
We want to convert the date to this format: January 11 2018, 16:50:50.219 . We want to make sure that we remove the GMT.
We are using the following code. The target field never creates filebeat_timestamp_2. We tried placing filebeat_timestamp as the target and that did not work either.
date {

match => [ “filebeat_timestamp”, “MMMM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSSZZZ” ]

target => “filebeat_timestamp_2”


The date pattern in the match option describes the date format of the field that’s being read (filebeat_timestamp in this case) so that it can be correctly parsed. It’s not a way to configure the format of the date written to the field in the target option. The output format of the date filter isn’t configurable.

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