Journey of positivity

Hey all…
I don’t post masses, I visit the forum daily, I play daily (all day daily sometimes! ) I watch, and I listen, I learn and try to understand. But one thing crops up on here so often, I thought, even though I’ve seen others slated for doing so, say a little something positive!
I hate this game! It make me want to throw my phone at a wall… kick it clean into orbit with frustration and sometimes a little rage!
I’ve gone onto Google play and 1 star rated this game and small giant for its utter cheating rubbish!
5 minutes later, a cup of fresh coffee and guess what?
I’m playing again!
I’ve never owned a game console, I don’t play any other game, but this one! Well hell, I’ve even spent a fair few of my hard earned English pounds on it!
Because deep down, I bloody love it! Multi levelled, skillful, chance, luck and just plain fun! I even set up my own alliance, 27 Crows, we aren’t doing to bad either! I’ve grown as a player, I’ve learned a lot, from mistakes, listening to guys in my alliance, and here on the forum!
Oh, and I changed my Google rating to 5*?
If people don’t like it, that’s ok! But for most, this is down time, fun, escapism, and friendship!
At the end of the day, there’s a lot more problems in the world than a business bringing a little of the things above and making a few pounds, we’ve mostly all got jobs, how many of yours brings people, from all over the world, a little bit of that?
Haters hate! I’m here to have fun…
and kill titans!

Good post. I expressed similar sentiment myself. This game is what you make of it.

Great to hear from you @Drishy. More power to you and the mighty Crows!

It’s not fun to spend money and get some ■■■■ SG doesn’t really understend that people are frustrated cause of that and they have all rigt to complain about all things

I hit the game because I love it.

I believe the intent of the OP is to encourage positivity in the forum. There are plenty of vent and frustration threads to add your voice to instead of sullying what is intended to be a discussion of emotional rebalancing. Being upset and enraged is normal, but engagement in the power of positive thinking is healing. We all need to learn to cope. If we can’t, it is not the fault of a game but more of an inability on the part of an individual which needs to be addressed.

Sure, blame the victim :wink:

Did anyone force you to play or to spend money?
I love it. Could have bought a PS4 for my spending. But this one in my cell is so handy…

Nice word play, Omlor!
I have absolutely the same opinion/feelings as you, OP!

Nice post.

20 caricatures

Please go exercise your right to post negatively on one of the many, many negative threads available.

While we’re being positive I’d really like to give kudos to the game artists who created all the backgrounds, those beautiful special attack animations, all the characters (even the ones we might not find so pretty to look at), all the small crafting items, weapons, etc etc etc. They’ve put in a lot of talent and a lot of work and they’ve done a great job.

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