John's Return

I have read on at least five boards that John returned to work the same day as Tony. So John Black should be returning on May 24.

that’s very original…nice it done corday and the daytime president… all of you shold get FIRED… NOW ORIGINAL HA,HA…

ummm, i think the show is turning in a new(old) fantastic direction.

in my opinion, since Stefano, tony, etc. left the show there had been nothing accept JER storylines. Remember those horrible stories like Chloe’s burnt face that took forever to heal and Jan Spears kidnapping shawn?

the should bring back Rex and Cassie to complete the packaf

I have been hearing John is coming back for months I am very disapointed that he is not back as of yet :)) Thank You Whitechick :smiley:

yes yes come on back john. YOu are missed. We need the jack b. “24” of daytime

i also heard he’s coming back, i hope he teams up with steve and kick some di-mera a@#s , we don’t need two programed soldiers under the direction of the di-meras

Actually, that may be true. I think it’s 99.9% true and I’ll tell ya why! We did an interview with Steve Blackwood (Bart) and he tells us he was in the studio two days ago and met James Scott (EJ), and Drake (John) and Thaao (Tony) were there.