Johnny is Dusty's son!

I don’t care if Craig is biologically the father of Johnny, he doesn’t deserve to have the child. He’s mean, tried to take him from Jennifer, and he ran Rosanna off the road, that was NO accident. The courts should know better, or better yet, maybe he paid off the courts. I wish Rosanna would wake up, and come back to press charges! It would be wonderful to see her again. But to me, Dusty is a way better new dad, then Craig will ever be!!!

Thanks Erin. I couldn’t have said it any better!!!

I hope to goodness that Dusty can find a way to get back at Craig and make is life a living, breathing H—. Like Emily did to Dusty at one point. Emily needs to be nice for a change if she could be.

I agree that Johnny belongs with Dusty and not Craig. :]