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Could someone please advise me as to what Category I should use with regards to “Twitter Card” issues?

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Cards is the right one, this is the way to report issues: Not Whitelisted, unable to render, or no image: READ THIS FIRST - after checking all the possible things you can fix on your end

Hi Igor,

I have looked at the link you provided - thanks.

However, the problem I have is really with Twitter’s missing information about Twitter Cards. Searching Twitter’s help page for “Cards” returns a “do not understand” message.

In other words, when searching the Twitter website for help or guidance on the setup and use of twitter Cards, there is NO information to be found. I have uploaded the Metadata part of what is required in the Card setup process (using information found on the developers webpages) validated it using the “Twitter Card Validator” - but this is where the information on setup and use stops! All the information I have been able to find elsewhere, such as in third-party YouTubes are either outdated or the use WordPress plugins.

So - my problem now is that I cannot find any information how to create a post with a picture where clicking on the picture will take the client to my webpage (i.e. a url ending with a .html not .jpg).


What’s the URL of the page that you have added card tags to? Does the validator successfully show the card? if not, what was the exact error shown?
The only documentation i know of for cards is all here: and there is also a more detailed troubleshooting guide here:

The very first thing we ask for in the troubleshooting post that Igor linked to is a publicly accessible URL. We cannot help you in any way without that.

Hi Andy,

The Url for validation is

But that is not the problem! The problem is that Twitter does not have ANY information about how to actually create a Twitter post from within twitter’s own user-interface pages that will produce a tweet with an image - which once one click on the image will take one to a webpage. In other words, the problem is with Twitter’s lack of information to the public - or perhaps there is a tool missing in the Twitter creation window used by the public?.

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So you’re saying that the developer website pages about Cards are not sufficient for you? What would your ideal state be.
Your site has no valid image URL but validate otherwise picks it up and includes your snippets.

Hi Andy,

This is what I get when when running the Card Validator - and it says it says “Card loaded successfully”

I hear you saying that the site has no valid image URL!? I think your comment hits the nail right on the head with regards to what the problem is. The problem is that the developers pages only talks what is supposed to be on my website - and not a single word about how to actually create and post a tweet that can link directly to a webpage.
For example, if I would like to tweet an image (lets say an image of a blue question-mark i.e."?") and have my clients transferred to a specific webpage on my website when they click on that question-mark - what are the procedures for creating such a twitter post? …considering that I do not want to include an image of a blue question-mark on any of my web-pages, because it does not belong on my website pages!
So - now I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Does the image I use in a Tweeter Card have to exist on my website? (There is no Twitter information that provides an answer).
  2. How do I actually create a Twitter Card when the user interface for the creation of tweets, does not have a function to create Twitter Cards? It only has the tools to create the old style basic tweets! (There is no Twitter information that provides an answer).
  3. Do I perhaps have to go to a different twitter page to create the Twitter Card, as there is no function included in the standard interface for Twitter Cards? (There is no Twitter information that provides an answer).
  4. When searching Twitter’s help pages for Twitter Cards there is no information!? How then can I find out how to create a Twitter Card post?
  5. When entering the words “Twitter Cards” or “Card” or “Cards” in twitter’s search field, it responds that it does not understand and asks mye to rephrase the question!? How then can I find out how to create a Twitter Card post?
In other words Twitter seem to have forgotten all about the front end i.e. the user interface and the tools available for the user to actually create Twitter Cards; how they work; how the interact with the webpage etc etc… Regards W.S.

You explicitly need an image and the image must be marked up on your site with either twitter:image or og:image and contrary to your post this is clearly communicated.

This is not a mandatory field but if you want the image to appear then you need this element in you’re page. Please ensure that this is a full URL, the image is of the appropriate size, and your site is accessible.

Okay, …so, the URL (which ends with ,html) that follows the standard written Twitter message picks up the image as pointed to in the header section of the .html page.
May I suggest that you please ask someone from Twitter to explain this a bit better for the general public in the information provided through Twitter’s general user interface. (After all, we are not all Developers!)
Many thanks for your time and attention in this issue



One more thing. Then this also means that since every html page only can have one image (eg. .jpg) mentioned in the header - Every image indirectly posted through the .html page, will also need its own html page!?

In other word, one could not have different Twitted posts with different images point to different sections of the same .html page, because the html page can only point to one single image. Do I understand this right?
Regards W.S.

Yes, one URL can only have one image & description, as these meta tags are page-level, not section-level.
Remember that you can override any “card” by attaching an image to a tweet directly, in that case - the image you attach to a tweet manually will always show, not the card.

Many thanks for the help

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