Issue while creating a Force.COm project in Atom

Opening MavensMate UI

Error reaching local MavensMate server. Please ensure MavensMate-app ( is installed and running.
“errno”: “ECONNREFUSED”,
“syscall”: “connect”,
“address”: “”,
“port”: 56248,
“rawStack”: [
“promiseId”: “01092030-5304-11e8-b199-95fc636c0e17”,
“success”: false
How to fix this issue. I am dizzy seeing this issue again and again. I have installed the package for Mavensmate. What else i am missing in here.The link given for resolution directs to entire git repository. what is to be done there. Help me fixing this at the earliest please.

I don’t know anything about MavensMate, and most of the people here don’t either. But the people who work on the package for MavensMate do know about it, so you were directed to the mavensmate-atom repository where they will receive your question. To ask it, you should click on the Issues tab and click on the bright green New issue button on the right. When you post, the developers will receive a notification to their GitHub accounts.