Is it okay to take two majors at the same time?

It certainly used to be. When I was in university, if you decided to do this, you would declare either a double-major (with a single degree), or intent to get a double degree (which required more work).

Make sure you know what you're getting into. If the majors are closely related (like math and CS) then it can be done almost exclusively using electives to take the second major's courses, i.e. without taking extra time. Otherwise you may need to spend additional terms in university to take the needed classes, which has both opportunity and real financial cost.

I agree with both John & Olivia. You want to make sure that the majors are not too far apart on the academic spectrum, but if they are, just remember that you will not have much time for errors if trying to graduate in a specific time frame. Closely related majors may still allow you to graduate in a sufficient amount of time. If they are not, you may end up taking some additional time and/or courses. The other thing I would ask, is what do you plan to do with your dual major and do you need both or want both and will both help you to do what you want ie. obtain a job or begin a business?

Sure. It could be you’ve chosen two very logical ‘overlapping’ Majors, such as Math and Physics, or Chemistry and Archaeology. Maybe not… and you’re digging a hole until you figure out your path.

It’s best that YOU choose a path; or if you don’t, the time will come when the path chooses you, and you won’t like it… too many have trod that very path already.

How do you be objective in this, where ‘staying a student’ is a ‘great’ identity, and choosing a different one… seems perhaps weak? Checkout Jordan Peterson regarding some ‘hard facts’:

Yes, but I hope you like pressure and stress. I did it once and will not do it again. I had no social life and lived at the school library. I did one major at one school and the other major at another school. It was CRAZY!!!! I do not advise it.

I did for both my undergraduate (BSc Accounting and Finance) and Graduate (Accounting and International Business).