Index migration from a 1.x cluster to a 2.x using Nest


I’m working on a C# migration app who will be used to export documents from a 1.7.3 Elasticsearch cluster to a 2.4.2.

While reading Nest documentation, it appear that 2 versions of Nest will be used to be able to discuss with each cluster (Nest 1.x for ES 1.7.3 and Nest 2.x for ES 2.4.2). I don’t know how to deal with 2 versions of nest.

Is there a better way to achieve this using c#?
Thanks in advance

Is there any special need to be in C#? Why don’t you simply use Logstash?

I don’t know if it’s possible with Logstash but this app will be used several times to export documents with a boolean filter (date range + field value) and i’ll need to make it simple for other users (console app).

I use Logstash with my C# application to export documents.

My application edit the .conf with user input parameters (i.e rewrite the file with query and index parameters) and run it using the logstash command.

That seems to be a good solution!

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