Incomplete costs in Publisher Network - Funding instrument Level

We compared files we are getting via Ads API on different levels (Funding_instrument and Promoted_Tweet).
We want to set up a cost-QA-process which checks, if costs on an aggregated level are matching costs on a lower level.
There we noticed that for placement “All On Twitter” everything is fine but for “Publisher Network” we have lower costs on Funding-Instrument-level than we have on Promoted_Tweet.
We already in contact with Carmen Yuan (Engineer form twitter) and Michael Barbian (from twitter as well). They asked to open an issue here.
It would be great if we can get the response soon, as it was already more than 30 days that we informed this issue to twitter.

Could you provide API requests (ideally using twurl) that demonstrates the discrepancy that includes each of the entity IDs (account, funding instrument, etc.)?

After re-reading this issue, I believe this is known limitation for reporting on the PUBLISHER_NETWORK.
The PUBLISHER_NETWORK has multiple Ad types that would need to be fetched : there is pre-roll, MEDIA_CREATIVE, display creatives, MEDIA_CREATIVE, and ads related to followers campaigns. Your application would need to request data for all ad product types.
The Ads API version 5 added support for MEDIA_CREATIVE stats but currently doesn’t have way to pull data for ads related to followers campaigns.
We’re looking at adding this and will notify you when this is supported in the future.

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