IMO There are no OP Characters

Am I the only person who feels this way? I just feel like if I’m getting slammed in battle, I just come back and restratigize, and think of a different way to kill my opponent(s). I don’t know… There’s just so much negativity it’s discouraging.

in a perfect world, you would be right. i try extremely hard to not let what happens to me, or what i do determine my opinion of whether or not a character is overpowered. in this type of game with in-game leveling, and 5 players running around, there are just so many variable in every single encounter. heals are going off everywhere, cc is getting chained, skill levels are varied between individual players, team composition and communication, etc. When making such a judgment you have to just look at flat out capabilities. By that i just mean looking at what each kit is able to do in comparison to comparable character’s kits and their capabilities.
take miko for instance. miko is obviously a healer. if miko could out dps assassin characters, then whether you wreck him or he wrecks you a thousand times over, then miko would be overpowered.

I totally agree with you.
If someone beats me, I normally write it off as, “I just need to get better”, and nothing else. To me, calling something/someone “OP” has more to do with the person playing and less to do with the character (granted that each character has their own advantages and disadvantages).

Exactly! It’s not like any of the characters are immortal. There is a way to kill every character. And whether or not it’s a challenge, that is the player behind the controller to determine with knowledge and skill rather than nerfing everyone and saying, “Okay, now I can kill them because they aren’t OP.”

I agree with you in theory. Before joining the forums i didnt see gal as “op” she killled me a bit and i killed with her, but anytime i lost i didn’t think it was a hero that was the problem. People need to learn that even the most basic hero in the hands of a good player can be lethal, also, a bad player can make an “op” character look bad.
I really don’t like the whole “THIS CHARS OP CHANGE IT!” mentality of the game forums. Within hours of Alani being released people were calling her op, within. hours. That gives you no time to learn how to counter her or find a hero you can play who can out play her. Its so easy to say a hero is op then to admit you need work.
Having said all that, there are some cases where certain characters are typically op. Gal i reluctantly agree is op, altho shes still very killable but people see this as 1v1 and not a team player so she gets the most attention.

I’d love to see people understanding what it means to be op before crying on forums, there was one guy on a gal is op topic who wrote out a very well written reason on why she was to strong for her roll as defender labeling many points, i like that, thats well looked at. Not “GAL BEAT ME SHES OP NERF HER”

While the latest changes to Gal have created a more level playing field, it certainly does not create a perfectly balanced roster.
We’re getting closer, to be sure. I don’t think there are any grossly overpowered characters anymore, though I’m keeping an eye on this new healer. (that CC bubble thing is pretty nuts and healing nearly 1k a blast is very powerful.)
That said, any unbalance, even a minor one, will be felt extra hard by this game because of the character selection process. You are blindly locking into your characters without seeing the other team, so there’s no way to pick a character to counter something else. This gives the devs an extra steep challenge.


No risk no reward :stuck_out_tongue: But that’s like most of these games not knowing the opponent, it keeps it interesting but i agree if you have a team with some support /heal/ damage dealer they might be a better match to a full yolo dps team. But that still goes down to player choice

I agree with the OP.
In the last ~10 PvP matches of Incusrion and Meltdown, I’ve played along side or faced off against every single character.
Not bad considering it takes 2.5 matches to cycle through everyone.

Conversely, I find every character OP. It may take a certain game mode or certain level/phase of the match, but each Battleborn seems to have a point where they are just in pure Beast-mode.

Impossible to really tell if any heroes are “OP” right now without Draft mode, single hero games.
Everyone’s having to judge off crappy blind pick matchups that sometimes end up in woefully unbalanced counters to your own team comp.

The only Battleborn that are currently “OP” are Alani (just released, so to be expected and I imagine will get tweaked, so no worries) and the shield bearing characters.
The fact that you can parry, with zero downside, is not good for the game. They need to make quick melee attacks disable parrying for a brief moment or something. Currently, it’s too easy to play like a fool and just turtle up and never be in any real danger.
I get that Tanks are supposed to soak damage. But they’re not supposed to be invincible. Damage characters don’t have free damage that you don’t need to aim. Tanks shouldn’t get a “get out of jail free” card that doesn’t require aiming either.

I want to say yes, but then again I’m no fool.
Ambra and Gal were stupid OP for the longest time.
Alani is far from it though. she deals a lot of aoe damage but that’s about it.
I haven’t really met anyone that’s outmatched my Alani yet. Don’t mean those people aren’t out there, I just know how to use her to her fullest.