I Just Biomassed This Guy, But He Still Works In the Forums

I was a multiboxer but at 70 plus decided to build one last super computer and with 3 monitors (Plus a bunch of other goodies!) the plan is to run three instances of Eve. But until I get this monster built I unsubbed two accounts, left all my stuff to one surviving character and biomassed the lot. Full retirement is imminent, soon as I can talk the boss into firing me, and the plan is to spend a lot more time with 3d animation, flight sims, Eve, my guitars, video stuff and all that ilk. Not what this post is about, as this is about the third time I’ve biomassed the lot and I’m beginning to think I enjoy building up from nothing rather than being a successful Eve player. But this character made that final gurney ride, screaming all the way ( I love that blood curdling scream!) and yet he still works as a forum alt. Izzat allowed? Just wondering.

In about 1 year time or less you’ll get a mail from ccp asking if you want to restore the char/chars it’s literally impossible to biomass as I understood it because they keep backups

Not even that (while CCP clearly keep backups), Doomheim is just a Corporation with unique qualities, including that you can’t move yourself out if it.
So you can submit a support ticket at any time and retrieve the character by having support change the corporation, because the character still exists in the database.
Assets will be gone though.

I would like the old chars if you don’t want them.
Only one or two.

Would save me a lot of time building up market scouts, cyno alts and freighter pilots.


Wow, looks like we need a Psychic Medium to Exorcise this Poltergeist and send it into the light.

CCP probably didn’t consider Biomassed characters would still be active when they implemented these forums.

Anyway, I think if you log out of the forums and then log back in, your Biomassed Character probably won’t be accessible.

Yeah, it’s still there, just logged in with a dead man’s loggin. And a day after I biomassed the lot I created a new character, gave him one of my old, dead names and it took. I even reformed my old corp, don’t ask me why, just playing and please do not expect me to make any sense of why I did all that. Crazy thing is I’m having more fun with one stripped down account and a couple loser noob pilots than with three accounts, five characters with a tank full of skillsets and lotsa ships. Go figure.

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