How to make controls more realistic?

Yesterday I had the chance to fly a little Cessna plane during cruise (it didn’t have autopilot). The controls were very shaky. I couldn’t hold it still, I had to keep moving the yoke around so the Cessna staid flying straight. There was little turbulence. The controls were very shaky.
Is there a way a to get this in IF?

Rather than just holding my device completely still to fly straight, I have to keep my device/yoke moving around to fly straight.

(This is without turbulence so please don’t sugggset to turn up the turbulence setting)

Like is there a setting for this?
Thanks guys! :smile:

Does anyone have any ideas how?

(This isn’t a request, I’m asking if there is a way to do this)

You can try and turn down the sensitivity of movement.

Sorry but there is no real other way other than turning up turbulence. If you want to spice it up a bit add in some wind gusts and crosswinds. But that mean your going to be stuck on single player.

Fly safe - R.A.

Controls are already hard enough as it is, no need to make them harder, I mean it’s realistic enough, but it is a game

Try and jump around to some island in Hawaii, there is usually a lot of wind with gusts also :slight_smile:

Or in Solo Mode, just put on tubulence, and than some wind and gust

well what you would do during cruise so you would not have to keep adjusting the yoke you would use trim to fly level.

When I flew a C152, I held the controls level, and it stayed level. No moving them about. :confused:

You can try to turn up your sensitivity, so every little movement turns the plane and you’ll have to keep moving it around to stay level.

Something you were doing in the real world is wrong. Not here in IF. If I had to take a guess, I’d say you were over controlling. Your supposed to beable to fly with two fingers

When I fly in the 172 during my flight lessons, I never feel this. I just hold the yoke in place.

I say there a way to make the sensitivity changes permenant, so they do not get reset each flight?

I was. ``````

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